More Free Orange Sim Cards

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You can now claim your Free Orange pay as you go SIM card with 300 free texts.

Just fill out the form and when you get your free SIM, register it by calling 0800 079 0006. Don\’t forget to carry on texting for more of your favourite hits.

Note: If you spend more than £10 per month on topups with orange, you should call them about going on contract, they will offer you a better deal.

5 Responses to “More Free Orange Sim Cards”

  1. Chris B Says:

    New SIM came quite quickly and was easy to register etc.

  2. Daniel M Says:

    Got mine today..have to topup with £10 to use tho..

  3. Ed Says:

    The FREE SIM offer has finished.

  4. admin Says:

    These offers have expired, visit

    for more free sim card offers from Orange.

  5. musty Says:

    i got a free sim card but have no clue how to register it!

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