Free Tights from Superdrug

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Just fill out the form and enter the code “gb0480zch” and they will send you a pair.

9 Responses to “Free Tights from Superdrug”

  1. Jim Says:


  2. DancingFox Says:

    One wonders why JIM was going for the tights anyway! lol

  3. wade Says:

    Bank robbery? lol

  4. Tara Richardson Says:


  5. Courtney williams Says:


  6. sam Says:

    i neeed these

  7. Kim Mckenzie Says:

    Hi could i have a pair of free tights as i have seen your add on the superdrug website.

    The code is gbo480zch

  8. kenny fenton Says:

    gb0480 hi could i have a free pair of tights

  9. neil Says:

    I would like to recvice a free pair of tights. The code is gb0480zch.

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