More editors wanted!

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Freejunk is looking for editors, if you think you can help us find more free junk, let us know!

To apply to become an editor, please make a comment below and say why you think you’ll be a good editor.

No time wasters please.

All editors are rewarded.

6 Responses to “More editors wanted!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    i think i would be good for the job as i no lots of free junk the web sight i gave gives you a free ipod touch or any of the ipod

  2. Luke Says:

    Yeh sure, i would be willing to do it. =]

  3. Donna Jones Says:

    I would be able to do this because I like to search the web for free goodies. Like the next person I love a bargain.

  4. immy Says:

    i add stuff on my website, i can do the same for you.
    we can share links?

  5. Haizam Says:

    I Have A Site To And I Can Also Add Stuff To This Site To ! :)

  6. Rachel Says:

    I think I will be a good editor for this website, because I have 5years media knowlegde GCSE and BTEC. I am interested in working in the media industry and I think this would be a fun experiance but at the same time more experiance to add to my media knowlegde and CV.

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